Wednesday, November 14, 2007

#3 - "fun"

today's first word picked was 'recce' and bizzarely didn't have any songs with that word in it, then opened the dictionary at "span' and there was "Spangle" ( 14 Iced Bears ) but no songs with the entire word 'span', so picked again and came up with "illegible"...things were looking bad for this last pick and it was ...

"fun"...phew !!

1. Fun - The Thought Criminals
2. A Stupid Thought - The Pristines
3. I'm Not Always So Stupid - The Wedding Present
4. Love Always Happens So Fast... - The Charade
5. Happens All The Time - Biff Bang Pow
6. Daydreaming In The Night Time - Mattias & The Everyday Mistakes
7. Cool Night Air - Tactics
8. Cool Shoes - The Arrogants
9. Shoes Should Fit - Pel Mel
10. You Should All Be Murdered - Another Sunny Day you go here if you'd like to listen to the result :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


starting word - "mark"

1. Question Mark - This Poison!
2. A Question & An Answer - Tears Run Rings
3. Million Tears - The Pastels
4. Nine Million Rainy Days - The Jesus & Mary Chain
5. One Of These Days - The Brilliant Corners
6. In Spite Of These Times - Close Lobsters
7. 8 Times Around The World - Razorcuts
8. World Of Her Own - The Wake
9. My Own Face Inside The Trees - The Clientele
10. New Face In Hell - The Fall

and if you click here you can hear/download it :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


( aka the iTunes Word Game )

here's how it works

open dictionary at point finger at random word
today for me it was the word endless
type this random word ( eg endless ) into the search field in iTunes
choose a song ( or band name ) from the resulting list with the word (endless) in it
this becomes song 1 - which was Endless Soul by Josef K
choose one of the words in that song title ( or band name ) - so I chose Soul
type the 2nd word ( eg Soul ) into the iTunes search field again
which gives the 2nd song, eg I chose the band Caroline Soul
choose another one word from the resulting song/band title, search again, etc etc
repeat process for ten songs

record em , upload it & share it - simple !!

so here's what happened today using that process

1. Endless Soul - Josef K
2. When You Do It - Caroline Soul
3. When You Sleep - The Field Mice
4. You're Safe In Your Sleep ( From This Girl ) - My Bloody Valentine
5. A Safe Place - Pale Sunday
6. World Falls Into Place - Motorcycle Boy
7. World Weary & Wise - James Dean Driving Experience
8. World Weary - The Go-Betweens
9. Between The Lines- Sambassadeur
10. Breaking Time, Breaking Lines - The Legends

and here's where you get the mp3 of it all :)

just opened dctionary at pointed at next random word - "mark" - stay tuned.......